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Printmaking FAQ

frequent Lino questions...  including shipping info

What exactly is Lino or Linocut? 

Lino (or linocut) is short for linoleum - a mat that is cut and carved to receive ink and an impression with paper is taken off it.  Check the Wikipedia entry for Lino here

What is the technique of Reduction Linocut? 
Reduction Luno cut is a part of the family of printmaking techniques that Linocut affords. The same linoleum mat is cut repeatedly with each subsequent cut, an impression is taken with different colours on the same paper. 


What is an edition?

An edition is the total size of the print run. Henry's editions usually range of about 20 prints. That means that only 20 prints, plus one artist test print are ever produced - the lino mat is destroyed in the process so the print can never ever be repeated in the future. 

Are Lino prints original art?

Linocut prints fall under the umbrella of Traditional Printmaking. Traditional Printmaking is all about handworked artefacts where each print is ever so slightly different from each other as the artist's hand leaves characteristics the making printmaking so desirable. Yes - traditional printmaking is considered as fully-fledged original artwork in the Fine Art world. 

What is the difference between Linoprints and Giclee Prints?

Giclee prints are made on an industrial inkjet printer using superior inks, more numerous inkheads, and finer resolutions than your home printer. These printouts are not considered as original works by Fine Art institutions, they fall under a 'decorative' category and unlike printmaking, they do not hold their investment value. 

What size are the linos? What paper is used? 

Below is the most popular size that Henry works with. However, some prints may vary so check the prints specific information. 

Size of coloured area: 30cm by 48cm    ( 12'' by 19'')

Size of paper: 43cm by 58cm     (17'' by 22.5'')

Henry's favourite printmaking paper is 'Somerset Printmaking' in Satin White, 300gsm, acid-free, made from 100% cotton to high archival standards.


Worldwide postage and packing expenses are added in the checkout (€30), before paying. To simplify the matter, a global flat rate exists and uses economic parcel post. Prints are rolled and posted in a cardboard tube 5cm dia by 48cm    ( 2'' by 19'')

The shipping expense represents not only postage costs but packaging materials and postoffice handling and time. For very remote destinations from Malta, the postage is economised further to Surface Air Lift instead of the usual Air Parcel Post so that postage costs remain the same. Delivery times can vary widely - from a few days to the EU and UK, to several days or a few weeks to more distant addresses. All parcels have a tracking number and signed-for delivery. The tracking number is sent to the customer via email.  If fast courier delivery is needed (such as FedEx or similar etc), please get in contact with Henry for the additional costs involved, although it must be noted that the existing postage methods are a bit slower by they are very reliable. No lost or damaged shipments have been noted so far - it's only a matter of how urgent you want the print in your hands. 

How can I pay?

Payment is automatically prompted upon checkout and is made via either Paypal or all the major credit cards. Alternatively, contact Henry for IBAN payment details. All items shipped only on confirmation of the transaction, or upon reception of funds if IBAN is used. 

How often and quickly are items dispatched?

Henry goes to the Postoffice, or courier depot, once a week. Upon reception of payment with its address info, the item is packed the next day and posted on the next available weekly postal run. 

Is insurance offered?

No, insurance is not offered as art value is not on their charts for replacement value. Insurances are very happy to insure six sacks of rice for example as their replacement value is established, but art is so much different. Customers can seek to do their own insurance and courier arrangements of their own if they opt to. Get in contact with Henrys if this is the case. 


Malta customers? 

Malta & Gozo based (or visiting) customers are pampered a bit more. No shipping is automatic for Malta as clients are welcomed to the Naxxar studio to pick up their prints, have it framed if they want to for a minimal added cost, and chat with Henry.  They can tour the collection of works and have tea or coffee. :) 

What about framing?

Henry offers one standard frame type (see the image on this page) that is elegant and contemporary. Customers who want other frames can purchase the print and be directed to other frame makers that can make the frames of their choice. 

sed sail frame.jpg

Further Queries? Contact me, Henry, I'd love to hear from you

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