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Hello - welcome to my Pastel Tutorials intended for pastel artists who want to further their skills and improve their artwork. By the end of the series, your work will be notably improved and you will be more confident in approaching the lovely medium of pastels - Henry Falzon

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This series of tutorials has a Beginners section and an Advanced section. Each Tutorial Chapter costs €15 for a 3-month access window or €30 for a 9-month access window. Payment is by PayPal or Credit Card. There is a FREE tutorial chapter as a reveal into the type of content expected in the Tutorials.

The Tutorial chapters are intentionally structured in a series of short videos, flowing text and images format. The idea is that the content is constantly fine-tuned and refined, added and enhanced as Henry receives feedback from students and fresh ideas evolve along the way. One long YouTube-style video might have been more entertaining, but it would become obsolete almost immediately as new additions and updates can't be incrementally introduced.

Furthermore, the whole tutorial set revolves around Henry's artistic outlook and techniques, while at the same time it is eye-opening enough that it will not produce Henry clones. Henry is known for his tight studio rendering of landscapes (also still lives and portraits). His techniques are often off the beaten track and maverick. Other artists might teach pastels differently - this is certainly Henry's outlook on all aspects of pastel. 

Entry requirements; What you need to start is a basic grasp of drawing skills, time to practice, and plenty of enthusiasm. 

Pastel Tutorial Chapters

Beginners - working from photos
Beginners - organising your palette
Beginners - the nature of pastel sticks
FREE - blending techniques
Beginners - drawing surfaces
Advanced - colour strategy
Advanced - the colour of shadow
Advanced - composition and storytelling
Advanced - cultivation of ideas